What is SwatOverlaps?

SwatOverlaps is a student publication that seeks to facilitate the discussion of political, cultural, and social issues that are often left out of the mainstream discourse. It is a forum for both intercommunal dialogue and creative thought that hopes to promote coalition building, progressive thought, and human understanding.

With the ultimate goal of fostering discussion and a sense of community, submissions to Overlaps may take any form and can be made by members of the Swarthmore community, including cultural groups, activist groups, faculty, campus staff, and members of the surrounding Swarthmore communities. Content can range from poetry, declarative statements, constructive criticisms, narratives, information about group activities, photography, political cartoons, to any type of cultural and political expression. This publication will also serve as a space for blurbs and event announcements in and out of the Swarthmore community.

Why “SwatOverlaps?” Oppressive social structures are interrelated: they support each other, feed off of one another. And they sustain themselves by maintaining an illusion of independence. Because when we view individual struggles as independent and essential, when we approach oppressive structures from exclusively one angle, the fundamental roots of oppression remain intact. By communicating the overlaps between our various struggles, causes, issues (or however else we identify this ‘work’), we hold each other accountable to always focus on the deeper, fundamental sources of oppressive structures. Seeing these connections deepens our understanding of the root causes of injustice and helps us collectively form radical visions of a socially just society. When we meet at the ‘Overlaps,’ we form the coalitions necessary to collectively work towards these visions of social justice.


SwatOverlaps is compiled by Swarthmore students. If you would like to get involved, send us an email at SwatOverlaps@gmail.com.