Volume 8 Issue 1


View full issue online here: SwatOverlaps Volume 8 Issue 1

Or as PDF: SwatOverlaps Volume 8 Issue 1

Excerpt from “The Letter of Intent”:

This past spring, many Swarthmore students voiced their dissatisfaction with their college experience and how the college as an institution has fallen short of meeting students’ specific needs. The media and some members of the administration have treated this protest as unusual and unique to the present campus climate. We are distributing this issue of SwatOverlaps to show that the recent demands for greater institutional accountability are not an anomaly in the college’s history. Students have felt isolated and marginalized at Swarthmore throughout the school’s history. Students have long rallied together to resist Swarthmore’s “business as usual” in the hopes of making the college safer and more inclusive of diversity. While the national media has selectively highlighted some students’ stories, such as stories of sexual assault and survival, many students’ experiences of racism and classism have received little attention, and have been silenced and distorted by conservative media. It is these stories we are centering here. 

SwatOverlaps is compiled by Swarthmore students. If you would like to get involved, send us an email at SwatOverlaps@gmail.com.


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