Volume 9 Issue 1


View full issue online here: SwatOverlaps Vol 9 Issue 1

Or as PDF: Why Swarthmore? / Why, Swarthmore?

Why Swarthmore? It is a question we all had to answer at one point in time. Our essays expressed what we expected Swarthmore to be, how we saw the person a Swarthmore education would create. They referenced the values and experiences that we heard Swarthmore speaking about, in admissions brochures and info ses- sions and interviews. Is that what we have found? Is that who we have become?

For this issue, we asked current and former Swarth- more students to: “find your Why Swarthmore? essay and edit it, mark it up, re-write it, add to it, reflect on it, write an entirely new one, or submit an unedited chunk. Even if you don’t have yours or don’t want to re-read it, we welcome submissions considering your expectations of Swarthmore and the realities you have encountered. Whether you’re enjoying your first semester here, or thesising your way through the fall, or you’re not here anymore, all experiences are welcome.”

This issue also incorporates earlier submissions from Fall 2013, when SwatOverlaps proposed many themes including “Constrictive Dialogue,” “Public Safety, Whose Safety?” and “150 Springs of Discontent.” Not so sur- prisingly perhaps, these year-old submissions relate to our current theme as well.

Apart from submissions, SwatOverlaps has curated archival materials in our exhibits like “The Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program: A Triptych” and “Parrish Is Burning — Rereading 1969.”

Admittedly, the submissions presented here mostly relate the thoughts of upperclasspeople. Toward build- ing overlaps with new students, next semester we would like to concentrate our energies on telling our and Swarthmore’s histories to new students interested in continuing the struggle.


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