Volume 5 Issue 1

View full issue here: SwatOverlapsV.I

as pdf: SwatOverlapsV.I


Support Japan
Dreams Make You Tired, By Javier Perez
No Place I’d Rather Be Black Than in America, By Eva McKend
Big Girls Rise Up, By Cecilia Marquez
00:00 Artist Collective Manifesto
Confessional, By Anonymous
My Middle Name, By Jim Lin, aka Busy Dad
Mah People, By Bridget Boakye
Borders, Nacie, By Haydil Henriquez
Venom Shots, By Kojo Boateng
Swarthmore Organizes!!!
Is this enough?, By Luís Peñate
Overlaps Supports Wisconsin, By Miyuki Baker
Wisconsin Timeline
Apply to be a Tour Guide, By Deivid Rojas & Anjali Cadambi
Asian, Gay and Proud, By Miyuki Baker
ARCHIVE: Queer and Questioning at Swarthmore
Events, Announcements, and Blurbs


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