Volume 3 Issue 2

View full issue here: SwatOverlapsIII.II

as pdf: SwatOverlapsIII.II


The Salt March to Dandi, By Aakash Suchak
Self Pity Ain’t Us, By John Boucard and Javier Perez
I Still Remember, By Swarthmore Student
Death Was Here, By Luis Peñate
A Profile of the NYC Trail of Dreams team, By Swatties for a D.R.E.A.M.
Resolution in Support of the DREAM Act, By Student Council and Swatties for a D.R.E.A.M.
Patriarchy’s The Bitch, By Ashia Troiano
They May Ballyhoo, We’ll Stay Focused on Black Women, By Eva McKend
Musing on Race, By Maurice G. Eldridge ‘61
What is Underrepresentation?, By James Mao
Corporate Social Justice, By Alex Frye
The Budget Cut Pamphlet, By Student Council
Take Back the Land: May 2010 Month of Action, By Max Rameau
Untitled, By Anjali Cadambi
The Justice of Branding Organic Food, By Ariel Martino
“Please Tell Them What It’s Like for Us Here”, Earth Quakers and Swarthmore College Students in West Virginia, By George Lakey

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