Volume 3 Issue 1

View full issue here: SwatOverlapsIII.I

as pdf: SwatOverlapsIII.I


Unsung Hero of the Living Wage and Democracy Campaign, by Kae Kalwaic
Hiring AlliedBarton Guards Violates Commitment to Fair Wage, by Ben Hattem; Dennis Hogan
ABLLE Mission Statement
Freedom; Conversation With Her; Strange Night, by Alaina Brown
Beast, by Javier Perez
On Heritage, by Edward Zhang
Golden Girls Homosocial, by Lauren Ramanathan
Reflections on Brasil, by Sable Mensah
Earth Quaker Action Team
Artwork, by Sachie Hopkins- Hayakawa
Taking names and Building Bridges: Decriminalizing our Youth, by The Swarthmore D.R.E.A.M. Act Coalition
Untitled, by Jacqueline Bailey-Ross
Unboxed, by Deivid Rojas
Moses the Nebbish: Thoughts on Faith and Organizing, by Sarah Apt
Howard Zinn, by SwatOverlaps Editors
Events, Announcements, and Blurbs

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