Volume 1 Issue 1

View full issue here: SwatOverlapsI.I

as pdf: SwatOverlapsI.I


A Polite Conversation, by Alex Frye ‘11
Plus Size vs. Fat, by Cecilia Marquez ’11
Happy To Be Beautiful, by Mechelle Buckner
A Tragic Episode of Sorts: Big Up to My Fly Asian Brothers, by Eva McKend ’11
A Vision for Chester: Past Present and Future—A Perspective Piece, by Jenny Akchin ’10
Too Much, by Rajae Coats
Who We Are, by Student Healthcare Action Network
Our Environmentalism, by Earthlust
Green Your Footprint, by Elizabeth Crampton ‘09
Bathing in Menstrual Blood, by Miyuki Baker ‘11
Filadelfia, by Aurora Camacho de Schmidt
What’s in Your Web, by Multi
Philadelphia (English translation), by Aurora Camacho de Schmidt
(Untitled), by Crystal Richardson ‘09
¿Que está pasando?, by Gabriela Morales ’12
Thomas Sankara, the Upright Man, by Ladulé Lako LoSarah ‘09
Events, Announcements, Blurbs

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